Mr Dervan’s Room – Some Essays

Below are some essays we have written during the year so far.

We hope you enjoy reading them.

The Birthday Party  

I woke up one lovely, sunny, Saturday morn. It was the 21st of November. I went to the kitchen. I got myself a tasty breakfast and started writing birthday invitations because the next day would be my birthday party. I was so excited that I rushed them. Then I quickly put them in the post. On them I wrote:

Dear friend,You are invited to my birthday partyJ. It will be at 2:oopm-7:00pm on the 23rd at my house.Rhys Davies

I couldn’t wait so I went through an exciting day and went to sleep. I woke up at 12:00pm. “Oh no I slept in”, so I started to set up decorations, get food ready, party bags ready and the games ready. It took an hour and a half to set it all up, so I had half an hour left. I waited all day for everyone to come, but no one came. I was really sad and annoyed. I couldn’t believe no one came. I took all the decorations down, put all the food away as well as the party bags and games. I went to bed feeling very sad. The next day I went to my friends at school. Me: “Why didn’t you come to my party?!?!” Friend: “What do you mean? It isn’t meant to be on until today, like it said on your invitation, “on the 23rd”.” Me: “Oh! I wrote the wrong date on the invitations! Silly me.”

The End By Rhys Davies

The accident (S)

Some people may say I am accident prone, once I cut myself  with a knife, I was playing catch and got a stone stuck in my knee, I got stitches in my face and I burst my lip open. Some might say that happened because I took all of my brothers and sisters tablets when they were sick.(I was only 4). Anyway scratch that, let me tell you all about them.  Well my knee was not entirely my fault. Me and my brother Adam were playing catch while my mum was inside giving my sister Catherine a bath. So while me and my brother Adam were playing catch he just pushed me a little bit to  hard. So I went inside and my mum saw me and pulled it out, then about one week after that I might have burst them on a bouncy castle.  Now my lip…. This one happened at school. All the girls and boys in 5th  were playing girls catch boys me and  Taylor were both trying to catch Cormac and BANG!!! I tripped over Taylors foot and split my lip open (Thanks a lot Taylor), I think there was at least three teachers taking care of me….ya anyway, that was fun (NOT) Well my mum was making dinner in the kitchen while me and my sister Catherine were playing a game in my room and we hat to roll of the bead and the first person to touch the ground won. So Catherine was putting the blanket on the floor and a few seconds later guess what I found out, THERE WAS A WEIGHT IN THE BLANKET The knife was not that sore only A LOT OF BLOOD and maybe some tears. I don’t think I want to get started on this one. P:S THANKS FOR LISTENING TO SOME OF MY PROBLEMS                       

THE END(I hope) By Sharifa Axmed


One day my friends and I were in a field near my house playing camogie. We were practising for a big U12 match the next day against Four Roads. Then Nicole had an idea. “Hey guys do you want to play donkey?” she shouted. “Okay,” we replied. So we started playing. Sharifa and Amy got knocked out first. It was then between Mella, Leah, Nicole and me. It was Mella’s turn to hit it over to me, when a farmer walked into the field with his cattle. Mella whacked the ball across to me, but it went way over my head and hit the poor farmer on the back of the head and knocked him out. “Oh no!!” Mella screamed. We all ran over to the farmer to see if he was alright. Thenwe realised, that the farmer was our Grandad Tommy!! “Grandad, Grandad say something!!!” I shouted. Mella was in tears by now. “I’ll run back home to get help,” I said. “Let me and Nicole come too,” Leah insisted. So the three of us ran back to the house to get help. Once we got there, Mammy and Daddy were in the kitchen drinking tea. “Mammy quickly, it’s Grandad, come quickly, follow us!!” I said. Mammy ran quickly after us into the field where Grandad lay asleep on the ground. “What on earth happened here?” Mammy asked. “We’ll tell you all of that later,” Sharifa replied. Just then, Grandad woke up. “Grandad, are you ok?” Mella asked. “Yes I am, my head is just a little sore.” Grandad replied. After Mella had apologised over and over again, we all went back to my house, while Mammy walked with Grandad home.   THE END!!!

The Birthday Party by Amy Fitzmaurice

Mella and I had been planning this day for weeks, and it had finally come. It was Taylor’s eleventh birthday. We were planning a surprise party for her.   When Mella and I got to school, we pretended that we forgot her birthday. She seemed quite upset …… but not for long. At three o’clock we told Taylor that Maura said she wasn’t going to make to the school on time so my mam could pick her up. But instead we brought her to Boda Borg in Lough Key. Taylor had no idea where we were going.   When we went inside everyone shouted, “Happy Birthday!” Maura, Colm, Hazel and all her friends and cousins were there too. Taylor gave me and Mella a big hug. We did all the rooms in Boda Borg and we had great fun. After we were finished in Boda Borg, we went back to Taylor’s house. She had a great time and so did we.  

The Birthday Party  by Leah

On the 16th of October 2014 was Leah’s party. She was going to be 12. Emma, Ciara, Grace and I were all invited. Leah had asked me to come the night before to help her get ready. The 15th of October, the night before Leah’s party, I went to Leah’s house at 7 o’clock. I was staying the night so we could do the decorations on the morning of the party. Around 8:30 pm we were talking about the party, we had decided that we would do an all nighter that night. At 6:30 am we decided to go to bed for four hours. We woke up at 10:30, got our breakfast and put on our clothes.  After a while we started to decorate. We were putting up banners, balloons and all other stuff. When we had all up, an hour later Emma, Ciara and Grace came. We stayed at Leah’s house for an, hour and then we went up to Athlone. When we arrived at Athlone, we went shopping in Penney’s for a few hours. Then we went to Claires and we spent a half hour there. After a while, when we were finished shopping, we went to Burger King to get some food. When we were finished eating we went home. When we got home we watched a movie. The movie went on for 2 hours. After the movie, we played a game outside in the dark. We played the game for about 20 minutes and then we went back inside. That night we were all staying. At 1:30n am we went to bed. The next morning we got up and made French toast. After the French toast we got dressed and messed around. After a while we all went home at 4 o’clock.                                     


I awoke from a restful sleep on the 24th December,2013. It was Christmas Eve and my birthday .A Christmas tree sparkled and shimmered with glassy balls of various colours. Multicoloured Christmas lights were strung across the ceiling. My sister and I were sucked into a whirlwind ,excitement burning in our hearts at the thought of my party and Santa’s arrival tomorrow.              Six hours later, my friends arrived. I felt exhilarated, elated and ecstatically happy with my gifts. Dance music was pulsing loudly. A large glitter ball hung over our are heads, throwing back a kaleidoscope of light as it spun in slow circles. A snowy white tablecloth was covered with tempting snacks that we devoured instantly. Squeals and yells came from everyone as we played blind – man’s – buff , tip the can and football. I peered out of the living room window, and that was when I noticed an unfamiliar dog snuffling at the rubbish bins. Its soppy honey – brown eyes twinkling adoringly. “What are you looking at?” interrupted my sister, Chloe curiously. “A dog” I replied, turning an excited face to Chloe. Gingerly I opened the sliding door and crept into the garden towards the dog. My gaze was bent on him, when suddenly my family and friends ran out into the garden, carrying my birthday cake and singing “Happy Birthday” “What is this dog doing in our garden” I inquired “It’s your birthday present,” Dad replied affectionately. As I lay in bed that night, excitement sparkled inside me as I remembered my best Birthday Party ever.

                                       The Accident             by Grace

One day, my friend and I said that we would go to town and walk around. My friend said he was driving over now I got ready and waited. When we were in town, we went into a shop and bought some sweets. Then we sat on a wall and ate a few sweets and talked. We went into a different shop and just looked around. Then we decided to go to watch a movie in the cinema. We drove to the cinema and looked at what movies there were to watch. We bought the tickets for a movie called “Gravity”. It was supposed to be really intense and sad. The movie was 2 hours and a bit long. When my friend and I walked out he was crying, so I said we would go to sports shop and he stopped crying straight away. When we were at the sports shop he bought a hurl and a ball. He was bouncing it around. When he bounced it the like 52nd time, it went through a shop window. The owner of the shop came out and gave out to him. He said he was sorry, and paid for it. Afterwards, we went home and he came into my house for a cup of tea. Then he went home and I went to bed. THE END


The Birthday Party          by Cormac

One bright sunny morning, I jumped out of my bed with delight because it was my 10th birthday party. It was on the 10/07/2012, on a Saturday.

As I ran down the stairs in my football gear, I realised I couldn’t find my gloves and I said to mammy, “Mammy, where are my football gloves?”

She said it would be fine because it was a nice day.

I went out in the car and she dropped me over to the pitch, and when we got there we realised that there was nobody there. So mammy told me to go inside and see if there was anyone there, but when I went inside there was nobody in there so we decided we’d wait a minutes but when we waited nobody seemed to showed up, so we went back home. When I got home a big huge bouncing castle was waiting there, and I was so not expecting that!!

So I got ready and when I came down, we put up the decorations and soon enough people started to show up. When everyone got here, we went up on the bouncing castle, and playing lots of games on it. It was great. The party started at 12:00pm and we didn’t come down off at 2:00pm.

Then we played tip the can for a while. Later, mammy called us in for dinner and cake, and that was at 3:00pm, and that game was class. When we came inside, we had sausages, chips, pizza, and chicken nuggets and some fizzy. When we all had finished up the food, they brought out a lovely biscuit and cheese cake, and when I blew out my candles, I wished to have a great time. Afterwards we finished up the cake, and by that time it was 5:00pm.

After that, we went out on the bouncing castle for the rest of the party. When 6:00pm came, people started to leave.

So when everyone had left, I asked mammy if I could open my presents and cards and she said I could. When I had them all opened, I was very grateful for them, and at the end of it all, my wish had come true.