Assorted Videos

Click on the link below to see Hollie’s Lego House Construction

Lockdown Lego House

Our final contribution to our #constructionchallenge challenge is from Hollie. She went all out and made a video of her Lockdown Lego House! Looking forward to a new challenge next week😀👏👍

Posted by Lisaniskey N.S. on Thursday, 21 May 2020

During Lock Down, Leo learned how to cycle his bike. Check out how good he is

Leo's covid story

Leo learned to cycle his bike so he can cycle to school in September! Great boy! #lisaniskeycovidstory

Posted by Lisaniskey N.S. on Thursday, 18 June 2020

Katie, along with some help from Mammy and Michael, wrote a lovely Lock Down poem. Listen to how good it is.

Katie's Lockdown Poem

Katie wrote a fantastic acrostic lockdown poem. Superb Katie 👏 #lisaniskeycovidstory

Posted by Lisaniskey N.S. on Thursday, 18 June 2020

As part of the Mad Hair Day challenge, Abbie & Shannon went to the Wild West. Don’t know who’s the cowgirl and who’s the horse though!

Abbie and Shannon mad hair

Fantastic innovation here from Abbie and Shannon!😂 #lisaniskeymadhair

Posted by Lisaniskey N.S. on Tuesday, 9 June 2020

See if you can count how many jerseys & T-shirts James put on in this challenge. Didn’t he do well?

James' layers

Crazy layering here by James! It all became a bit much for him!! Super😃 #lisaniskeylayers

Posted by Lisaniskey N.S. on Thursday, 4 June 2020

Now count how many Katie got on. She did really well too.

Katie's layers

Katie managed to put on a massive 35 items!!! Love it! Up Oran and up Lisaniskey👏👏#lisaniskeylayers

Posted by Lisaniskey N.S. on Thursday, 4 June 2020

Is this Rocky Balboa? No, it’s Harry mashing up boxing and football.

Harry's mashup

Here's Harry mashing boxing with football! Great skills Harry! #lisaniskeymashup

Posted by Lisaniskey N.S. on Friday, 29 May 2020

You Don’t mess with our Hollie. Just look at her Tae Kwondo moves, and on the trampoline, as well. Wow!

Hollie's mashup

Hollie mashed up her taekwondo skills with trampoline flips! Fantastic! #lisaniskeymashup

Posted by Lisaniskey N.S. on Friday, 29 May 2020

Elaina made up an obstacle course. Look at her go!

Elaina's mashup

Elaina's running, skipping and football mashup. Fun on the farm! Summer is great😎 #lisaniskeymashup

Posted by Lisaniskey N.S. on Friday, 29 May 2020

Of course, brother Mark had to have a go too.

Mark's mashup

Mark created a brilliant obstacle course on the bales for himself! Summer in Roscommon😎 #lisaniskeymashup

Posted by Lisaniskey N.S. on Friday, 29 May 2020

Anna showed us her skill and prowess at skipping on a balance beam, forwards & backwards.

Olivia mashed up her basketball skills with her football skills. Boy, is she good!

Cara H showed us how to play basketball while cycling your bike. Very useful skills to have!

Sisters Nicol and Carolin did some skipping and trampolining – just for fun.

Seamus showed us what it would be like if football & hurling were ever mixed into one game.

Some great gymnastics by sisters Ella & Sophie. Brilliant stuff girls.

Ava demonstrates her hula hoop skills while bouncing on the trampoline. Class!

A whole host of exercises and fun from Michael, Katie and Emma in their garden and around the house.

Keelan shows us a different way to play hurling, much harder than usual.

Leah can play football and swing at the same time. Deadly stuff Leah!

Cillian AKA Michael Jordan – playing basketball on his hoverboard.

Cara shows off her skating and basketball skills at the same time.

GAA meets Hip Hop dance – as per Aisling.

If they ever played basketball at Wimbledon, this is what it might look like. Good man Cian!

Evan shows great balance, co-ordination and concentration, playing tennis on his hoverboard.

Ballet & basketball. Who would ever put those two together?? Lily, that’s who! Swan Lake meets The Last Dance???

Tommy displays his basketball skills while staying on his hoverbaord.

Keeping fit while cleaning up. Good girl Laura. No wonder Mammy is so happy, her house will be spotless!!

Trampoline, obstacle course, football. All that’s missing is the pool. oh, Laura’s got that covered too. Good woman!

Seamie perfected his stut man routine over Lock Down. Now, nobody will ever keep him locked down!

Roller blading and basketballing, Catherine shows her skill and style. Well done you.