School Newsletter

Lisaniskey NS Newsletter

Welcome to the  year’s first Lisaniskey NS newsletter. We hope you will enjoy our effort to keep you all informed about what is going on in the school.Roll on 2014-2015

Dates to take notice of

Friday Oct 10th:

The school will be closed for the by election.

The school will close for the Halloween break from Friday 27th Oct and open again on Monday 3rd Nov.

Please note that the date for closing for the Easter  holidays on your holiday list is wrong. It should say that the school will close on Friday March 27th, not the 23rd.

The date for Confirmation for the 6th class children is May 19th in FourMile House church.


To our new Infants, Darragh, Peter, Coman, Daniel, Evan, Conor, Aidan, Lily, Ella, Chloe, Sarah, Emma, Shannon and Catherine. We hope they enjoy their time with us.


Swimming lessons will begin for children from 1st class to 4th on Friday Nov 7th—the first Friday after Halloween. More details regarding prices etc nearer the time.

Parents of New Junior Infants

There will be a brief talk for parents of Junior Infants in Miss Dolan’s classroom this Friday 12th September at 1.40. This talk is to bring to your attention, general information about your child’s year ahead regarding their curriculum, how they are taught, and other general pieces of information. The class will be supervised by another teacher for the duration of this presentation and you will be free to bring them home at 2.00 as usual. If any family cannot be represented, please feel free to contact Miss Dolan and we will do our best to meet you at another time.

Sad to See You Go

Good luck to our 6th class pupils from last year who have moved on to Secondary school this Sept. Between them, they have progressed on to 3 different schools, and we hope they all work hard and realise their full potential, as they start a new chapter in their lives.


We are delighted to welcome Ms Kathleen Keegan to our school as a new Special Needs Assistant, and we  hope she will be happy with us.

 Christmas Cards

We hate to be the first to mention the “C” word, but ater the success of last year’s Christmas card initiative, we have decided to go with it again. This Friday will see the draft pictures sent off to the  printers, so, no, you are not crazy, the children ARE  doing Christmas art in school in September!!

Do This in Memory

The Do This in Memory programme will be starting soon for the 2nd class children. Details will follow, when we have finalised a date with Ms. Breegeen Regan, our Diocesan catechist.

Míle Buíochas

Many thanks to all who contributed in so many ways to the school over the summer. There were people in helping out with the garden, fencing the boundaries, and cleaning up the yard before we came back. Your efforts are very much