World Book Day March 2024

World Book Day – one of the best days in the school year. We always have great costumes and book characters, and 2024 was no exception. We had superheroes like Batman and Spiderman; heroines like Anna, Elsa, Sleeping Beauty and Hermione Granger; we had Charlie Bucket – minus the Chocolate Factory, but with his Golden Ticket; Wally was being looked for everywhere; while some of the 6th class boys dressed up as the soldiers and casualties from Bloody Sunday. What a fabulous, eclectic, but brilliant bunch!

Even the staff got in the spirit of things, with Fireman/Firewoman/Fireperson? Sam, Alice, the Mad Hatter, Batman and a bloodthirsty medieval knight making an appearance. Which leads to only one question; was there any work done at all?? And to make it better, there were Easter Egg prizes for the best costumes. WOW!

Probably not!

World Book Day March 7th 2024